Wrap Up for SNAP Arts and Disability 2016

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r0_388_1635_2556_w1200_h678_fmax Sarah Houbolt has braught historical freak show character, Koo Koo the Bird Girl, to life in Ballarat. Picture courtesy of the Courier

The Snap Festival is over for 2016 and has garnered some great support via the media, you can check out the hashtag #snapfestivalballarat on our Instagram and facebook. Whilst we will gear up and work towards the next iteration of Snap, we need to have a little rest first.

In summary the 10 day festival saw:

  • A disability led production.
  • Over 100 artists with disability were involved in creating and presenting work at the festival.
  • 300+ artworks exhibited with 70% of content available for sale purchased.
  • Mainstream media exposure in print, radio and screen.
  • Extraordinary local community attendance for homebased theatrical and music based events.
  • High engagement of mainstream audience via social media.
  • Platform for emerging and established artists with disability to meet, see each others work and make future connections.

Some links to some significant media coverage for the event:


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