The Karden Support Coordination service aims to assist individuals to navigate often complex service systems in order to find the best possible mix of services to meet their individual needs and preferences. Karden has designed Support Coordination to not only assist to source services and link people into their communities, but with the view to also build on personal capacity to independently manage informal and formal services and support networks.

There are three levels of Support Coordination;

Support Connection

This short term assistance model is designed to support individuals with the progression of their NDIS plan.
This includes the identification of service needs and model best suited for the individuals personal preferences.
This service will also seek to address any barriers to services and proactively manage any points of possible crisis.
Support Connection also includes monitoring the allocated support budget to ensure the highest quality services are delivered at the most efficient cost to the participants plan

Support Coordination

This service is designed for individuals that require support to connect with their community and services on a more long term basis. Like Support Connection, participants will be supported to progress and maximise the outcomes identified on their plans, however Support Coordination provides more active and ongoing plan management to ensure that the participant is able to remain engaged and shift between multiple services as required.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination is similar to Connection and Coordination services, however, this service is intended for individuals identified as having specific complex needs and who may experience a high level of risk to their wellbeing without a multidisciplinary approach to service provision.
Specialist Support Coordination is time limited and focuses on reducing barriers, complexities and ultimately decrease the participants need for high intensity support in the future.

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