“The Arthur Range” is a social enterprise where artists with disability are supported to make and sell product as well as providing ongoing employment opportunities for people with disability. Through our specialised screen-printing program artists have the opportunity to create designs that can be printed onto products. Our studio artists are currently working on an exciting line of limited edition : Tote bags, Tea towels, Cushions, Art Prints and Gift Cards. Funds raised from the sale of products go directly to artists and contribute to further development of the social enterprise.


“The Arthur Range” also provides a custom design and printing service, where local businesses and organisations can order short run customized corporate bags and gift cards. Funds raised from sales go directly back to each artist and help us to keep creating new artworks and new product lines. Not only will your purchase benefit the individual artist, but there is a flow on benefit for the community in which they live. By choosing Arthur Creative Services you are actively supporting the employment of people with a disability.


The income will be generated by selling products that are designed and made by people with disability. Funds raised from sales go directly back to each artist and help us to keep creating new artworks and new product lines. The arts and creative industries provide the opportunity for people of all abilities to participate in employment and recreation activities. It’s an area of growth for our organisation and for the Ballarat regional economy as a whole.


Definition of a Social Enterprise : 

A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders.

Why a social enterprise model? Social enterprises provide products and services just like commercial companies. But they have one distinct advantage and that is they provide direct social value in addition to the value attributed to the product by the customer. Social value benefits the customer as they are building their corporate citizenship by actively supporting the employment of people with a disability and thus benefiting their families, carers, friends and the community in which they live. The flow on effect from the payment for services through to the worker with a disability provides a benefit that typical business cannot recognise and celebrate.

Benefits for employees of the social enterprise ;

“For the worker with a disability, a chance to contribute and grow in such an environment can only lead to greater satisfaction, self-worth and a heightened sense of contribution to the community, their customers and the business overall. These benefits then flow on to families and society as a whole.” ADE – building better business opportunities report 2013


The key objectives are:

•To provide ongoing employment opportunities for people with a disability including an ABI or SCI.

•To provide an opportunity for people with disability to participate in high quality arts and cultural activity.

•To encourage and promote a wider acceptance of participation in a professional arts context by people with a disability, including an ABI or SCI.

The model of project delivery being a social enterprise model means that the long term engagement and future viability of the project has a better chance of survival being built around a business model. We want to create an arts pathway program that holds itself up rather than a reliance on government arts or disability funding.


We believe that this project being built with participating artists with disability will:  

Support Individuals to create and develop a range of products

Increase community awareness

Provide social inclusion/interaction

Develop a Sustainable business model

Training and development for individuals with a disability

Develop learning and skills development

Promote health and well being



The Arthur Range Social Enterprise market as part of 2016 SNAP festival