The “Therapeutic Program” aims to provide evidence based interventions for people to access a safe, confidential and respectful place to work through, any issue that is important to you. It is an opportunity to explore where you are in life and where you want to be. You are the expert on your life and our role is to guide you through a process of greater self-understanding and awareness of yourself. This process often reveals new ways in which you can improve your circumstances and live a fulfilling life based on your values and beliefs. Any type of therapy is a cooperative partnership that aims to empower you by giving you greater insight into your strengths and giving you the tools that will help you deal with life’s challenges.

This is achieved via a stream of different modalities that suit diverse communication needs:

  • Counselling
  • Arts Therapy
  • Drum Program
  • Mindfulness
  • Drama Therapy
  • Sand Play Therapy
  • Clay Field (trauma therapy)

The Therapeutic Program will be run from 602 Urquhart Street, Ballarat.

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