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Karden Disability Support Foundation KDSF respects your right to privacy. Therefore we are committed to managing your information in a respectful way by adhering to the privacy principles contained within the Information Privacy Act 2000 Victoria.

Website Privacy:
When you visit our website our server or our Internet Service Provider ISP makes a record of your visit and may log information for statistical purposes. This information may include:

  • Your hosts IP address
  • Date & time of visit
  • Which pages and documents you accessed
  • The previous site you have visited
  • The type of browser you are using

We will not make any attempt to identify users or their browsing activities however in the unlikely event of an investigation a law enforcement agency or other government agency may exercise its legal authority to inspect our ISP logs.

Client Privacy:

  • Personal and health information about you while you are a registered KDSF client is documented in a file. Information is added to this file throughout the time you are involved with KDSF.
  • Client files are maintained for a period of 7 years upon cessation of involvement with KDSF.

Maintaining your records with Karden Disability Support Foundation

  • KDSF collects information which is relevant to providing disability support services to you and your carers & family. KDSF staff use the information in your record to guide them when assessing changes in your life and in discussing support options with you.
  • Your past history is an important part of the assessment process and is helpful for considering support options. KDSF staff work as a team and our emphasis is on holistic person centred support. As a result it will be necessary to share information amongst the team on a need to know basis.

Access to your personal information by others

  • Your personal information will only be shared with external service providers after discussion with you and when your verbal or written consent has been obtained. Only information required for the provision of the service requested will be shared e.g. some may only require name and address others may need health related information.
  • Information such as age gender disability type supports provided and living arrangements may be reported to funding bodies as part of funding agreements and future service delivery planning. All identifying details are removed from this data.
  • While you are registered with KDSF your record is kept in a locked file hen not in use. Upon discharge from KDSFs services your file is kept securely for 7 years then securely destroyed.
  • In a medical emergency or in circumstances where it is impractical or impossible to seek your consent KDSF may share information in your record with external service providers directly involved in your care without your consent.

KDSF may be required by law to release your information to

  • Courts when subpoenaed as evidence
  • Victorian Department of Human Services in the case of a notifiable disease

Access to your information by you

If you require access to your record this can be done by making an appointment with our office to view your record. If you require clarification about the information contained in this document or if you have a concern about how Karden Disability Support Foundation has managed your information please contact the Privacy Officer P.O. Box 40N Ballarat North 3350.


Whilst every reasonable effort is made by KDSF to ensure that information contained on this site is current and accurate there is still the possibility of inadvertent errors and inaccuracies. No warranty is given as to the currency accuracy and completeness of the information contained on this site.

KDSF does not warrant that this site or any material contained in it is error free or virus free. Links to other sites are contained for your convenience only. KDSF accepts no responsibility for the content of those other sites and the provision of such links does not constitute an endorsement of those sites or any other associated organisations product or service. In providing those links KDSF does not warrant that those sites or any material contained in or obtained on those sites is error or virus free.

This site also may contain material provided by third parties for general reference or interest. The views expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those of KDSF.