Music Focused

Jack-In-The Box is an inclusive creative group where the emphasis is on having fun, building confidence and creativity, and engaging in play as adults.Play is as important for adults as for children and has been proven to enhance problem solving skills, relationship building, boosting happiness and motivation.The element of surprise in play and the opportunity for self expression that comes with it is invaluable in building self confidence, being physical, and having a whole body experience.

The group will be led by a multi modal arts practitioner who will provide a variety of techniques to enable and encourage people to explore the process of play and the skills that come with it. Music, singing and lyric writing and drama will be drawn upon to provide ways for individuals to engage and to learn.


Eligibility: Adults with disability who have an interest in the arts or who are practicing as an artist

Participants: Maximum of 10 individuals per session

Cost: NDIS participant cost per session , 40 sessions per year (includes materials)

When: Monday (term based) 10:00 am – 1:00pm


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