At Karden Disability Support Foundation, we tailor support arrangements for individuals within the community, to ensure optimal opportunities for each person to:

  • Live the way he or she chooses,
  • Receive the support he or she needs,
  • Engage in activities he or she enjoys,
  • Develop new skills and interests and forge new community connections.


Individualised Support can be tailored to incorporate a broad range of assistance that is based on the individual’s needs and circumstances. This may include things like:

  • Assistance to maintain and develop skills to become more independent. For example, shopping, budgeting, cooking, household tasks, paying bills, using public transport, solving problems, etc.
  • Support to pursue educational and employment opportunities.
  • Support with personal care needs, for example bathing, dressing, etc.
  • Support to go out in the community, for example going to the local gym, banks, shops, going to the footy, etc.
  • Assistance to maintain and develop friendships and social networks in the local community.
  • Assistance to go to appointments such as to the doctors, dentists, community health services, etc.


The Karden Support Services team strive to create customised services for all the people we support. An important part of our work is to also work with the local community to help them to understand that a person with disability is primarily that a person first.


The five key elements of our service that make it attractive to our clients are flexibility, innovation, responsiveness, individuality and locally based management team. We understand that we exist because of our clients and that our service is intrinsic to their quality of life.  We truly understand that whilst our job is a job for us, the impact of our service delivery can be life changing for our clients.


Our individualised flexible support service enables people to access their community or receive the support they require at home, or both.


Our belief in the importance of self-directed supports and genuine capacity to place the individual in the driver’s seat of their own support has been the hallmark of our services.


Whether the person is supported through funding for independent living, day or individualised support, we take an individualised approach, tailoring our responses to the needs and wishes of the person.

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